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Court orders

What are notices from the police?

When the police charge you, they might take you into custodyBeing held in custody means that you're not free to go. You might be held in custody by the police. For example, you're in police custody if the police arrest you and are taking you to the police station. Or, the court might order that you be held in custody. This might happen if you're found guilty and sentenced to stay in a youth custody facility, which is often called jail.X , or let you go home until it’s time for you to go to court. If they let you go, it’s because they trust you to come to court and to follow any rules they give you. These are called "conditions".

The police will give you papers telling you to come to court on a certain date. The papers or forms might be called:

The form might also have conditions that you must follow. For example, the form could tell you not to have any contact with certain people.

You will also get papers telling you to have your fingerprints and photograph taken.

Whichever form or paper you get, it’s like getting a court order. This means that if you don’t do what the form or paper says, you can be charged with a crime.

(Reviewed August 2015)