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Court orders

Why should I follow a court order?

Court orders are a big deal. If you don't do what the court says, you could be charged with a crime and you could get another sentenceA sentence is the punishment that the court gives you if you're found guilty.X . In some cases, you could even go to jail and your youth record could last longer.

What if I can't do what the court orders?

You might not be able to do what the court orders. For example, the judge might order you to go to school but the school won't let you enroll. Or, the judge might order you to live with your parents but they won't let you live with them.

The judge can change an order.

So if there's a reason why you won't be able to do what the court orders, tell your lawyer or probation officer right away. They can help you go back to court to ask the judge to change the order.

(Reviewed August 2015)