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Hiring a lawyer

What should I ask a lawyer who I’m thinking of hiring?

If you have a legal aid certificate, the first thing that you should ask the lawyer is whether they accept payments from Legal Aid Ontario.

Here are some other questions you might ask:

How much experience do you have representing young people in criminal cases?

Your lawyer should have experience with both criminal law and the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

Will you tell my parents or others what we talk about?

Your lawyer must keep what you say private.

Will you do what I want or what my parents or other adults want?

With your lawyer's help and advice, you make decisions about your case, not your parents or other adults.

What would you do if we disagree about how to handle my case?

You want a lawyer who gives you advice and help, but understands that you make the final decisions.

If you don't like the answers you get to these questions, you might want to look for another lawyer.

(Reviewed August 2015)