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Hiring a lawyer

How do I find a lawyer who’s right for me?

No matter how you find your lawyer, it's important to choose a lawyer who can work well with you.

Not every lawyer will be a good match.

And not every lawyer is good for every kind of case. If you're in trouble with the police, you need a lawyer who knows and understands both:

  1. Criminal law: A lawyer who does a lot of criminal law also knows the rules that must be followed in criminal cases and is more likely to know the police, the judge, and the Crown attorneyThe Crown attorney, who is sometimes called a prosecutor, is a lawyer who presents the case against you in court.X . This can be helpful.
  2. The Youth Criminal Justice Act: This law creates special rules and procedures that apply to young people who are at least 12 but younger than 18 when they're accused of committing a crime.

    Because the law treats young people differently than it treats adults, the more experience your lawyer has with youth criminal law, the better they can defend you.

If you choose a lawyer that a friend or family member used, remember that everyone's case is different. Be sure to ask your lawyer what's likely to happen to you.

It's important that your lawyer is someone you trust and are comfortable talking to.

Your lawyer should:

(Reviewed August 2015)