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Talking to the police

If I don’t say anything, will I look guilty?

Not talking to the police doesn't mean that you're guilty. And a court can't use the fact that you didn't want to talk to the police to prove that you're guilty.

There are often good reasons for innocent people to refuse to make a statementA statement is anything that you tell the police or someone in authority. You can give a statement by saying it out loud or by putting it in writing. Even if you don't sign anything or the police don't write down or videotape what you said, what you say is still a statement.X . But just because you don't want to answer police questions doesn't mean that you have to be rude.

Wait until you've talked to a lawyer to decide if you'll talk to the police.

And don't assume that the police will let you go home sooner or give you a break if you tell them what they want to know.

(Reviewed August 2015)