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Talking to the police

Can I talk to friends and family about what I’m accused of?

You might think that people you trust, like your parents, teachers, friends, a therapist, or a cellmate, will keep what you tell them secret. But very often they can't.

If they have to go to court as witnesses in your case, they'll have to tell the court what you told them.

The only person who can keep what you tell them private is your lawyer.

The court might also order you not to contact certain people. For example, this could be a friend who is accused of a crime or the victim of the crime you're accused of. If this happens, then you can't talk, text, email, or communicate in any way with those people.

Usually, the police or the court will give you papers that tell you if there are any of these special rules that you must follow.

You can ask your lawyer if you have any questions.

(Reviewed August 2015)