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Youth records

How does committing another crime affect my record?

If you commit another crime while your youth record is open, your record may stay open longer.

Anyone who is allowed to see your record will see that you've been found guilty of more than one crime. Sometimes people use the term "repeat offender" when they see a record for more than one crime.

Committing another crime before you turn 18

If your youth record is open and the new crime that you're accused of committing happened before you turned 18:

The time to close your record varies depending on what happened with each charge and how serious each crime was.

This is very complicated but it's important to understand how it affects you. This is something you should ask your lawyer to explain.

Committing another crime after you turn 18

If your youth record is open and you're convicted of another crime after you turn 18, your youth record becomes part of your adult record.

There are different rules about adult records. An adult record usually stays open and people can see it for your whole life. This means that the police, government agencies, and even members of the public can look at your record.

For example, if you're still serving your sentenceA sentence is the punishment that the court gives you if you're found guilty.X when you turn 18 and you don't follow one of the conditions of your sentence, you could be charged with committing a crime. If you're found guilty, your youth record becomes part of your adult record and stays open for the rest of your life.

(Reviewed August 2015)