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Youth records

What is a youth record?

A youth record can include a lot of information, such as:

When you're charged with a crime, a few records are created that are all part of your youth record. For example:

There are special privacy rules about who can keep youth records. The main groups that keep information from your youth record are the courts, the police, and government departments or agencies.

Others who keep information are people you're involved with when you're completing your sentenceA sentence is the punishment that the court gives you if you're found guilty.X or extrajudicial measuresExtrajudicial measures are options for dealing with a young person either instead of charging them or instead of going to court. For example, the young person might do volunteer work, pay back the victim of the crime, or go to a special program. Special programs are more formal options that are called extrajudicial sanctions.X .

(Reviewed August 2015)