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Travelling with a record

Will other countries close my record?

Once another country gets information about your youth record, it can keep that information forever.

It's only in Canada that the law says that your youth record has to be closed after a certain period of time. Other countries don't have to follow Canadian laws.

Travelling to the United States

Most countries have laws to keep people with criminal records out. Some countries are very strict about this. The United States is one of those countries.

The United States is especially strict about drugs. If an American border official finds out that you have a record for a drug crime, they probably won't let you in to the United States, even for a visit.

And there is always a chance that American border officials will get information about your youth record, especially if your record is still open.

You may not have a problem every time you try to enter the United States. But there's always a chance that you won't be able to get in.

The United States doesn't close youth records

Once American officials have information about your youth record in their files, the information stays there. And they can stop you from going into the country.

It doesn't matter that it's a youth record and not an adult record, or how long ago you got it. They keep the information, even if your record in Canada is closed.

(Reviewed August 2015)